Think Dirty Beauty Box Review

Why Nontoxic Products Matter

Not many people know that I have suffered from an unbearably itchy scalp for years. Because of this, I have also suffered from chronic scabs that covered most of my scalp. I changed shampoos, purchasing a range of quality brands from Wella, to Redken, to Aussie, to Dove and even brands claiming to be all natural. I recently installed the Think Dirty app on my phone and my life has slowly started to transform. This app allows you to scan or search a plethora of cleaning and beauty products for carcinogens, hormone disruptors, developmental and reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicities. The app then ranks the products from 0-10, 10 being the dirtiest and most harmful. The United States allows for ingredients that have been banned all of Europe to come in contact with our families and loved ones, contributing to the seemingly accelerated rate of cancer in our lives.

What is a Hormone Disruptor?

Most of the products I scanned with the Think Dirty App contained hormone disruptors. Since I had no idea what a hormone disruptor was, I did some reading. A hormone disruptor can interfere with literally any part of your bodies functioning. It mimics the bodies naturally occurring hormones which can cause overstimulation, etc. Some of the ways that hormone disruptors negatively impact your body are:

  • Contributes to obesity
  • Reduced fertility
  • Increased incidences
    or progression of some diseases including diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • Reductions in male fertility and declines in the numbers of males born.
  • Abnormalities in male reproductive organs.

You can read about the 12 worst Endocrine Disruptors by clicking here.

Shocked? I was too! So, I made small changes immediately!

I had no idea that literally all my mainstream products were filled with proven carcinogens, hormone disrupters (which interfere with EVERYTHING) and toxic ingredients which contribute to a lot of our unexplained body issues (such as itchy, dry skin.)

After checking all my products and feeling completely overwhelmed by the extent of carcinogens and hormone disrupters in each cleaning and beauty product in my pantry, I noticed that the Think Dirty app was offering a box of pre-approved clean products ranging from 0-3 on their dirty scale. It was such a great resource in the beginning of my journey to clean living. I wanted to change products ASAP but I didn’t have the time to research the plethora of clean products available. I received my Think Dirty Beauty box last week. It took a week to come to my home and was wrapped in a neat box. When I opened it, I was so thrilled to begin using my first nontoxic products ever!

For $110 after shipping, is the Think Dirty Beauty Box worth it?

This box was a great introductory to clean living! I was very overwhelmed when I first began researching and the box gave me an opportunity to change my basic products fast, while giving me the time to research other products like nontoxic mascara and lotion. All of the products are advertised as valued at over $250 for 9 products. You also get a bonus product on top of that, making it a total of 10 products. At $25 per product, I definitely recommend this beauty box. I have begun using a lot of the beauty box’s products on my face instead of the pricey facial lotions and eye creams I normally use. It is a little more expensive and a little less expensive than some of the products I have used for my skin, but I feel so much better knowing that the ingredients are not only safe, but I could even eat most of the ingredients that are used! Just finding products that I really love and that actually benefit my skin is absolutely worth it!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using  this link.

Beauty Box Product Reviews!!

Mudjestic Face and Body Mask

This product was by far, my absolute favorite product ever! I just can’t explain how whole it made me feel. When I washed it off, my face felt so perfect. Perfectly soft, perfectly moisturized and I noticed a great reduction in redness and my fine lines. I’ve used so many masks and the most recent favorite of mine, turned out to contribute to cancer! This is by far the best mask I have EVER USED. I will most definitely be a lifelong fan of the Mud mask.

Spinster Sisters Co. Rosemary Mint Bar Soap

You know that terrible dry, tight feeling you get after washing your body with mainstream bodywash/bars? THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN with this soap. Your skin feels hydrated and smooth after your shower! I noticed little pieces of the soap coming off while using it. The pieces that were coming off looked like a plant and I don’t know, it just felt so real. My only complaint is that I wish I had more of it! I purchased goat milk soap from my local farmers market but that was nowhere near the quality of this soap!

Cleaning Essentials (The Original Bottle)

This bottle was SO COOL! I loved that fact that this bottle is glass. I recently started becoming interested in eliminating harmful cleaners from my house when I read that women and men that work from home have a 54% higher death rate than those who work away from home according to a 15 year study that determined the detrimental effects of the chemicals in household cleaners. I switched to homemade recipes that include essential oils. Essential oils are very strong and have the ability to break down plastic so a glass bottle is very necessary. This bottle also comes with 5 nontoxic cleaning recipes for different surfaces.

Crave Oil Cleanser + War Paint Remover

This cleanser uses hemp, CBD, cucumber, black cumin, moringa and sea buckthorn to clease your face. I often use this cleanser even when I am not wearing makeup because of the properties and the way it makes my face feel. Instead of stripping your face of its natural oils, this cleanser feels like it benefits your skin while also cleaning it!

Radha Organics Brightening Hydration Cream 

The only issue I have encountered with the beauty box was with the Radha Organics Brightening Hydration Cream. The container was defective. When I went to use it, the bottle did not work and I had to open it by taking the top off. The cream is still usable but it a bit more inconvenient to open and use like a jar of cream. I contacted the company via email to request a replacement but I have not heard back from the Think Dirty crew yet and it has been about a week. This was my least favorite cream. It works well but leaves a strange smell that dissipates quickly.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co Liquid Crystal deodorant (Tea Tree)

I absolutely loved using this product. I was horrified to read how detrimental deodorant was to young women, possibly contributing to a rise in breast cancer. The American Cancer society argues here  that the chemicals in deodorants have only been linked to cancer in certain studies and one cannot therefore be certain that deodorant has cancerous links. However, most mainstream deodorant brands do have hormone disruptors present, not to mention aluminum and fragrance. Since companies are not required to submit what their “fragrance” ingredients are, therefore making it so harmful ingredients can be omitted on the label. I certainly do not trust any companies who would rather list fragrance, rather than disclosing the ingredients that are actually being used.

Crave 40 Winks Tightening Eye Elixir

This eye elixir is supposed to tighten eyes, brighten eyes, and reduce wrinkles and puffiness. You only need a very tiny dot for both eyes because a little goes a long way with this product. The second you put it on, it feels like a drink for your eyes. I have struggled with bags under my eyes and I feel that this lifts my eyes instantly.

Biossance (The Revitalizer)

This is such a great moisturizer. I always used lotions and when I first put this one, it felt a little oily. It created a dewy look on my face but absorbed quickly. When I am using it, I can sometimes feel dirt being rubbed off my face and it feels as if it is cleaning my face as it moisturizes. 100% Plant-derived squalene (known for its antioxidants and moisturizing properties).

Lumion Oxygen Serum + HOCL

This oxygen serum gives my skin a feeling that it is getting something it needs but when it dries, it feels as if it needs a little more moisture. I have begun using the oxygen serum first after I wash my face and then I use the Biossance to add moisture. The oxygen serum defends skin against signs of aging, softening fine lines, and aiding in the reduction of skin irritations.

Little Moon Essentials: Mineral Bath

This bathsalt is totally free of toxins! I used to use Dr. Teals Epsom Salt whenever I wanted to treat myself to a bath. That was until the Think Dirty App told me how toxic it is! Now I can still bathe in totally safe and beneficial bath salt! The salt smells so good and provides essential oils which are always super beneficial in your bath! I am a waitress and sometimes it feels like my feet just will not stop hurting! There’s just something satisfying and relieving about a good foot soak that leaves you feeling so refreshed!

Fruit Pigmented Lip-gloss

This lip-gloss was a fabulous freebie! When I applied the lip-gloss, it provided a satisfying shine without the goopy chemical feel. I used to use Revlon 24-hour color stay but I always ended up with itchy lips and unsightly lip acne. After this lip-gloss dissipates, you are left with the softest lips! At one point my fiancé needed Chapstick but since I didn’t have any, he used this lip-gloss and it worked quite similarly by alleviating the symptoms of chapped lips.

Affiliate link: To begin your journey to cleaner living, purchase your beauty box by clicking here!

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