Five Magical Places You Need to Visit in Eastern Pennsylvania

I am so grateful to have the time to explore Eastern Pennsylvania. I’ve compiled five of the most magical places I’ve visited in Eastern Pennsylvania. ♥♥♥♥

  1.  Fonthill Castle (Doylestown, PA) 

Can we just talk about this masterpiece of a home for just one second. My experience at Fonthill Castle was inspirational. I thought this castle was the most alluring creation I have ever toured. The historical tour added so much charm and value to the experience because I just couldn’t believe that real people had lived in this castle! I remember walking out of the tour in the most creative and inspired mood.

2. Hickory Park (Gilbertsville, PA)

My partner and I may be part of select few to know about this secret little world. We literally stumbled on Great Blue Heron nesting ground while tubing down this creek! It is tucked away, totally private, secret & magical. When you see Great Blue Heron flying above the trees and walking around the water, you’ll know your water hike was worth it!

Directions: So you pull into this park and first you’ll see a little diner, then a pool & playground. Park behind the pool and walk towards water. Get into the water, turn left and follow the creek, Great Blue Heron await! I can’t say how long it will take you to find the birds but it’ll definitely be a super unusual adventure. Please wear some type of shoe & keep an eye out for snapping turtles! I have never had any issues but I know that there are some snapping turtles in the creek because I basically spotted the mother of all snapping turtles swim past my leg. I spent an entire summer there before I realized that there were turtles living there!

Click here for more park details

3. Magic Gardens (Philadelphia, PA)

This is a truly unique experience. As an art and glass lover, I found Magic Gardens to be a really amazing experience. If you love mosaics, art, glass, recycling, beauty or the city, Magic Gardens is definitely an interesting stop to make. We visited the famous Reading Terminal Market after Magic Gardens for lunch. It isn’t a huge space to walk and it was quite affordable so we had time to do both activities.

4. Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site (Elverson, PA)

Hopewell Furnace is a diverse experience. There’s opportunity for hiking all year round, apple picking in the fall and there’s also a historical village to visit. The area was beautiful, the experience educational and French Creek State Park was right next door.

5. The Nolde Forest Mansion (Mohnton, PA)

This has always been one of my favorite properties to visit. There’s this wonderful mansion that Jacob Nolde designed a 500-acre forest around. He attempted to recreate the forests of Germany from his childhood. There are quite a few paths to explore but my absolute favorite path is Watershed Trail. Mr. Nolde built a path along a creek and lined the trail with bridges. The whole experience is just so magical because when I think that this was someone’s actual home, I feel like I could have that kind of autonomy someday!


Summer Dating Inspiration

Hello Lovelies!

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Outdoor Types

Cinnamon Chanterelles

Mushroom Foraging

There are tons of edible mushrooms in the forest! Buy an identification book and venture into the woods –> Use a mesh bag to collect your specimen in order to spread spores for next years harvest –> Go home, clean and cook! –> We made veggie pizza and soup this year! ~BE AWARE OF POISONOUS MUSHROOMS~


Wildflower Identification and Framing

We picked up a flower identification book at the local thrift store, although amazon probably offers some relatively cheap options! –> Then we hit our local park and picked up some beautiful flowers! –>Pressed flowers in a big book–> FRAME +FLOWERS = Memories

Watch a Meteor Shower

Use this website to find the next meteor shower in your area + Bring a blanket + surprise your loved one with some coffee/wine = Romance ♥♥♥


Wine and Trivia

We are so competitive and love testing our knowledge and drinking a few glasses of wine! Trust me, if you two take pride in learning, this game is loads of fun! (The vintage trivia pursuit game is much more educationally based while modern trivia is more celebrity and sport based)

Hobby Lobby

Make some coffee and divulge in your own personal hobbies, together! For instance, I’ve been in the mood to organize and minimize my space for awhile now. My fiance enjoys playing guitar so we often hang out in the same room, enjoying our hobbies separately but still somewhat together. I request songs I want to hear while I’m cleaning and then he plays it for me. I think of it as a way to remain connected and involved in each other’s interests, even if you have some different hobbies.


This years cherry tomatoes casually growing on my drum table

Plant an Indoor Garden

Beans and cherry tomatoes do so well on your windowsill! –> Harvest the produce to make foodie cuisine for a romantic dinner in!

The Shopper


The best thrift stores are those run by the community! You never know what you’ll find! It’s sort of like treasure hunting! Depending on your knowledge of antiques, there’s a real chance you could find something treasury! 👑 The best part is, you never spend as much money as you would in any department store and the quality is usually much higher.

Browse Local Antique & Vintage Markets

Vendors share a space and offer unique and often historical treasures for affordable prices. My favorite vintage market in the Pennsylvania is The Swamp Door! I always get the most beautiful jewelry there!

My sterling silver collection in an antique beveled glass jewelry box

The Foodie

Make cheese! 🧀

Kits are totally affordable online! You’ll probably never go back to store bought cheese! This kit is only $12 on Amazon & it makes 20L of cheese! You can add herbs and spices to make your own unique flavors!

Sample Beer & Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Local bars usually offer mixed six packs! 🍺 Mix a six pack of new beers + visit a virtual museum like The Smithsonian from the comfort of your own home!