Three Powerful Ways to Impact Your Mood Positively


I was always a very happy person. It wasn’t until I was working to pay the bills, working for college credit at an internship and going to school full-time that I began to struggle with keeping the light in my life bright. Sometimes, life is just so hectic and certain things are just out of your control. I learned to use my environment to influence my perception of my world and to manipulate my brain into the mindset where I wanted to reside. 


You’d be surprised how much adding plants to your space will brighten your homes aesthetic. I like bright greens and purples in my space but flowering plants really add an untouchable welcome and elegant comfort to your space. Easy and low maintenance plants include succulents and even some plants that you can eat!? This year I grew cherry tomatoes in my living room window all summer and part of fall with very little maintenance! I simply watered it and used an organic plant food a few times. Plants really brighten your perspective because humans are naturally comforted by nature and their beauty is unprecedented. If you aren’t into plants, try ecotherapy. Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for spending time in nature as a natural anti-anxiety remedy and anti-depressant. It has also been linked to lowering blood pressure as well as relieving stress.


Our cat Moo Moo loved the plants we picked up this past season!! 🌴

Essential Oils & Diffusers:

Studies have proven that essential oils have an impact on your brain chemistry. Aromatherapy is such a rewarding form of self-care! Speaking from personal experience and some of the reading I have done, each kind of essential oil impacts your brain differently. My favorite blend consists of grapefruit and lavender. It makes every breath you take pleasant and noteworthy. There are so many affordable essential oils out there but the important part is that you buy therapeutic grade essential oils, extra points if you can afford organic. I use this in my office at work and people are constantly raving about how it influences their mood and makes them feel a little happier!


↑↑↑↑↑ Click the affiliate link above to purchase the Plant Therapy Variety Pack! It is much more affordable to purchase the pack rather than individual oils. This is the brand I use and it does the job! It’s also organic which is a plus for such an affordable price!

Our first diffuser which is now in my office at work since I use a nebeulizer at home!


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Declutter & Donate:

Ladies and gentlemen, one of my favorite rules is the one touch rule! I might be alone when I say this but having a messy, cluttered home gives me anxiety! Take the time to declutter, donating to worthy charitable organizations! It takes less time to donate and claim items on your taxes than it takes to list and sell your items online! Like I said maybe this isn’t an issue for you but I’ve noticed that I’m most able to concentrate and be productive when my home is in order! 🙂 The one touch rule helps you decipher how much stuff you have and if your area is possibly too cluttered. Unfortunately this rule doesn’t work for areas like books on your bookcase per say. Maybe you’re happy with your home but even just taking the time to clean your space, organize and find a place for everything will eliminate stress and anxiety from your day.

Jessica Walker

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